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DAILY FANTASY GOALIE TOOLS - e-mail updates with scouting notes, hunches, relevant hidden stats, historical stats and most importantly, who is starting that day. Get daily updates on all of the hidden gems, dark horses, sleepers and starters, authentic scouting notes and daily ramblings. Who would you turn to for insider "who to start" tips and last minute notifications on starting goalie changes - some guy sitting on a couch, throwing darts? Or Justin Goldman, a man who makes his living as Head of Goalie Scouting for McKeen's, running The Goalie Guild, Goalie Post and writing goalie scouting notes for NHL.com? Not bad for 33 cents per month. Seasonal purchase. This is for the website www.goaliepost.com

Please note that Goalie Post is now a completely free website. We will make the site financially feasible by selling this email service and making sure that it is the best, most timely and relevant service on the Internet. You'll make your $4.99 back 10 times over.

GOALIE POST - Email Updates

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